Modern Servo-Electric Press Brake

Servo-drive Technology in Press Brake Machines

Current Hydraulic Press Brake

Modern metalworking manufacturers are constantly evaluating improvements in their equipment and processes with the goal to decrease costs, improve quality, and maintain profitability. One major equipment category which has seen substantial improvement recently has been press brakes. Over the last decade the manufacturers of press brakes have increasingly adopted servo-electric drive systems to replace mechanical flywheel-clutch-brakes, as well as standard hydraulic press brakes. The result has been lowering the overall cost of sheet metal forming operations for manufacturers.

Power consumption has been reduced by factors up to 50% compared to older style machinery. Maintenance costs have also been reduced due to machine simplification, reduction of hydraulic oil use and replacement, clutch flywheel maintenance, and brake component replacement.

Mechanical/Flywheel Clutch Press Brake

Production cycle times have been reduced by the utilization of various production techniques such as rapid tool approach, instant speed change, variable dwell times, and rapid press opening. These have all enabled manufacturing engineers to optimize forming operations.

As a result of the application of these advantages the press brakes with servo-drive technology have become popular with metalworking companies. Accordingly, asset values for servo-electric press bakes compare favorably to traditional equipment.