Collateral Consulting

Collateral Surveys

Our vast experience in personal property appraisals and liquidations prepares us to assist clients when issues arise concerning collateral. If there is fatigue in the lending relationship, sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes and an outside perspective to define the realities of the situation.

A common report we issue is a Collateral Survey, which evaluates the subject assets from a liquidation standpoint and provides a basis to determine whether sufficient value exists to warrant recovery. An on-site inspection is made of the collateral assets, which is followed by a report outlining market potential and possible liquidation scenario(s). This report includes a Gross and Net Recovery Analysis to assist lenders in making an informed decision regarding potential liquidation of collateral.

Field Inspections

Call on Kloster for a variety of field inspection services. Our staff is experienced in conducting floor plan financing inspections. We have experience in RV dealers, car and truck dealers, boat and ATV wholesalers and retailers, farm implement dealers, and numerous other business segments.

We can also conduct inspections of wholesale and retail inventories, and tailor a custom report to comment on findings of the accuracy of customer provided perpetual inventory systems and records.

There are times when, in conjunction to a collateral inspection, we are asked to give an opinion of values of the collateral as being reported by the customer as part of the lender’s credit structure.

Special Services

With our extensive experience, we are in a position to work with our banking, asset based lending, and leasing customers to craft any type of specialized inspection, analysis, and reporting that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Call on our over 30 years of experience to discuss any collateral consulting needs.